1. Our company offers you to always drive new or used cars for a low rent - starting from 10 € per month. With unlimited car choices, you can choose from just about anything made worldwide, so you will definitely choose the one you've always dreamed of!


2. To rent a car from the company you have to register on www.amoson.eu, buy goods for 200 € and you are already involved in the project of a new car, if you do not find the right product we offer to buy savings wallet and save money money can be paid in two installments (eg if you deposit € 100 in the first month and € 100 in the second month).


3. Prerequisite for getting the car: You need to buy every month at the online shop www.eumarkt.eu for 100 € and to pay the rent of the car, which will be from 10 €, depending on the class of car.


4. If you want to make money from the site, then register the buyer from yourself (in your name or number) and the company will immediately award you a one-time € 20 bonus.


5. You have no obligation or obligation to bring in customers on a regular basis, but if you do not bring in customers, you will not earn any additional income. The online store www.eumarkt.eu will continually apply discounts and upgrade its product range to make every customer happy to visit and buy many times.


6. Anyone who has registered for a new car project and wishes to purchase a more expensive item than he / she owns under the terms and conditions may purchase and pay for this item / item many times before paying off its value; e.g. if the item costs € 2000 and the buyer only needs € 100 to shop, he will still choose the item he likes worth € 2000 but will comment that he will pay € 20 x 100 and will actually purchase the item after payment.


7. When registering for a new car project, the customer must specify what car name and model they would like the company to be able to start bidding on.


8. The cars are leased, and you also have the option of changing every year to a newer or more luxurious car, and your old car will be taken over by the company at no additional cost.



The Company reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the Rental Terms without first informing all Lessors.